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The Rapture

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meghahome, You make many profound statements here. Are you a cult leader or what? Following, is more information about this common controversial topic. It is part of an article written by John Clayton, renown scientist, ex-atheist. Mr. Clayton has spent his life researching many of these topics:

It is an unfortunate fact that churches and individuals that teach dispensational millennialism control the home school and much of the Bible school literature market. Ronald L. Numbers has documented this fact well in his book The Creationist (ISBN 067 4023380, Harvard University Press). These folks promote the notion that all of biblical history is broken down into roughly 1,000-year periods which end with the "rapture," the "seven-year tribulation," and the 1,000 year physical rule of Jesus Christ as a political leader in political Israel. All of science and history is distilled through this view and it has been supported by the Left Behind materials in video games, TV programs, and books. There are massive biblical problems with this denominational teaching which we will not get into here, but in an attempt to support this religious position, scientific material is promoted which is in reality very bad science. This is not only seen in homeschool and Bible school material, but has been a major part of the elaborate "Creationist Museum" in Kentucky. Sadly, it has also been brought into the teaching program of many preacher training schools and thus is projected from the pulpit in churches that are not a part of the dispensational millennial denominational tradition.

In this periodical over the years we have attempted to point out the errors that this tradition propagates. We also have a booklet titled God's Revelation Through His Rocks and His Word that explains some of this. It is not the purpose of this article to explore this area of study, but these articles are available on our Web site ( When young people are told something that they know is wrong by a teacher or preacher who is claiming to speak for the Church, what alternatives are available to them? For many young minds the road to atheism and rejection of the Bible as God's word has begun here. A disproportionate number of our e-mails come from young people who have left the Church or are close to doing so because what they have been told is a biblical position is clearly false.

This situation is complicated by the hostility that some religious people have toward science. It is important that kids see science promoted as a friend of faith, not an enemy. The beneficial contributions of science to each of us personally is obvious. The machines that make our lives easier and that enrich our lives--from computers to automobiles come from science. The medical advances that allow us relief from physical ailments and prolong our lives come from science. The entertainment that kids enjoy--television, video games, Disney, etc.--come from science. To say that all of these positive things are opposed to our church experience is false and is a grave error. Vilifying science is not the way to build faith in young people, and it is logically wrong. If God created the cosmos and if that same God gave us the Bible in which He tells us about what He did, there cannot possibly be a conflict. If there is an apparent conflict it is caused by humans.

Adults need to look again at why they believe what they believe. How do we know God exists? How do we know the Bible is true? What does the Bible really say about history, morality, and personal choices. Everything from masturbation to dinosaurs needs to be looked at again to see if we are teaching what the Bible teaches, or if we are repeating something we have heard or that has been proclaimed by an expert who in reality has no training or knowledge of what he is stating. Beware of people talking about things that are out of their field. Be sure to identify denominational and humanist ministries. Investigate for yourself and in the words of Peter, "Be ready to give an answer to every man ... of the hope that is within you" (1 Peter 3:15).

It is vital that we make children a priority--increase our instruction time with young people. and invest in whatever tools it takes to get them involved and learning. Remember it is not a sin to say, "I don't know" as long as you say, "I will find out." What kids seem to be hearing now is, "I don't care," and that is the worst possible answer.

--John N. Clayton

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