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Answer to Eyes Wide Open:

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Right On! When you say -- “Just because no one was giving (you) logical answers to legitimate questions, didn't mean there were none.” As far as ‘the church’ not offering rational answers; what ‘church’ are you talking about? What is your definition of “the church”? There are good answers, and God’s promise is that if we seek, we shall find.

One answer I used to get, is “You shouldn’t study with that group, about baptism, because you always come back confused“? I thought to myself; ‘What kind of an answer is that?’ The fact is, --they had no answer.

About Mark 16:17; the best answer I have found comes from ‘The People’s New Testament With Notes,’ by B.W. Johnson, published by the Gospel Advocate Company, Nashville, Tennessee, 1975. This Bible study book was presented to me by The Elders, Central Church of Christ, Cocoa Fla., in 1977, at the time of my being baptized (by Fritz Klotz). See Acts: 2:41.

These signs shall follow them that believe. It is generally held that this is a promise limited to the apostolic age and to a few of the disciples of that age. Perhaps the plural them does not have for its antecedent the singular he in verse 16, but the plural them in verse 14. If it does not, why is the number changed in verses 15 and 16? The grammatical construction requires us to look to verse 14 for the antecedent of them in verse 17. In verse 14 the apostles are “upbraided for their unbelief because they believed not them who had seen him after he had arisen.” They are commanded to go and tell the glad story, and assured that miraculous credentials shall be given to those of “them who believe” and tell the wonderful tidings. In my name shall they cast out devils, etc. See Acts 2:4; 5:16; 8:7; 16:18; 28:3.”

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