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Is the Bible God's word?

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Sim, This is what you assume.  It is either just because you want to, or you haven't done enough research.  I will assume that you just haven't done enough research.  There are a mountain of evidences that the Bible is God's word.  Here are some examples:

Let’s look at the Bible. Is it inspired by God? Is it accurate?

First, I will post a fact as stated in the Bible, followed by the Biblical reference. And then, I will show the common belief of the day in which the author lived:

Fact: Blood is essential to life. (Lev. 17:11-14) Belief: Disease and spirits reside in blood. To cure disease, bleed patient.

Fact: Both male and female possess “seed of life.” (Gen. 3:15; 22:18) Belief: Male has baby in him. Woman = incubator.

Fact: Eating blood of animals forbidden. (Lev 17:12, 14) Belief: Raw blood used as beverage.

Fact: Do not eat animal that died naturally. (Lev. 17:15) Belief: No restrictions on manner of death.

Fact: Quarantine of certain diseases. (Lev. 13-15) Belief: No isolation of diseased.

Fact: Do not eat pork, scavengers (in Moses’ day). (Lev. 11) Belief: No food restrictions.

Fact: Principles of avoiding bacterial contamination -- one person to another. (Lev. 15:19-33) Belief: No rules of hygiene or isolation.

Fact: Human waste products to be buried. (Deut. 23:12-14) Belief: Human waste left on ground.

Fact: Human body can be opened for surgery. (Gen. 2:21) Belief: First operations done secretly because populace threatened doctors.

Fact: Burning clothes, washing self after contact with deceased man or animal. (Num. 19:5-22) Belief: No recognition of contagion problems.

Fact: Earth is round, day and night taking place simultaneously. (Isa. 40:22; Prov. 8:27; Luke 17:34) Belief: Earth is flat.

Fact: Earth is not physically supported. (None mentioned and Job 26:7) Belief: Earth is held up by four elephants or Atlas (a man), etc.

Fact: The North is empty (Our North Pole points out of our galaxy). (Job 26:7) Belief: Seeing a few stars to the North refuted this idea until 1932.

Fact: Space and stars are too large to be measured or counted. (Gen. 15:5; Jer. 33:22) Belief: Attempts to number the astronomical bodies went on until 1932.

Fact: The creation sequence -- plants, water creatures, birds, mammals, man, in that order. (Gen. 1:11-28) Belief: Most had man first. All varied from the correct concept.

Fact: The age of everything in the creation is the same. (Gen. !:1) Belief: Different times for dif. objects.



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