Monday, December 29, 2008

Faith is not blind

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Sim, the evidence has to do with a reliable source that you can trust and believe in. Like it says in Romans 1, "We can know of the things that are invisible by the things that are visible," --this principle is used in science all the time. Faith without any reason or substance about the source behind it, is just acceptance and wishful thinking, not faith. Because of all the checkabilities of the Bible, which show truth beyond the capabilities or knowledge of men, we can trust that the rest of it is true also. If we see otherwise, such as something which seems to disagree scientifically, than we can study further to see if we are dealing with bad science, or bad theology. I have never seen anything in the Bible that has been proven wrong. You cannot say that about other religious holy books, such as the Qu'ran. It is scientists vs preachers, not science vs the Bible. --dc

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Answered by DonColeCartoons on December 29, 2008

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