Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cain and Abel

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Do'>">Do you believe everything that Jesus said?

Sim; you are rambling all over the place, through the eyes you choose to perceive. It would be easier to answer, if you would focus on a specific issue you have. I have a feeling here that you have no intention of considering anything I might have to offer on this. In order to do this you would have to be at least a little receptive, have eyes and ears that are able to see and hear, and heaven knows, you would have to be willing to THINK!

However; this said, --the beginning of your reply is exactly the issue I made, in the first place. The mistake that Cain made is that he made a substitution to what God had commanded of him. Even though Cain's substitution might have seemed like an appropriate offering, he did not do what God commanded. The fact that Cain killed his brother, Abel, out of jealousey, is another big mistake Cain made, right on toip of his first mistake. Cain most likely could have repented of his sin, and farred better. There are other examples in the Bible, about man making sustitutions to what God had/has commanded, and this same practice of substitutions to what God has commanded goes on today throughout the Catholic Church and protestant denominations.

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