Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Do I believe everything that Jesus said?

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Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.Do you believe everything that Jesus said?

Yes; --I do believe everything that Jesus said.
Of course, as with all of the Bible, we need to be knowledgeable and open to everything that Jesus said, in all totality, and in the proper context, so that we might be as clear in our understanding of God's message to us as possible.
Just because people ‘attend church’ doesn’t mean they are perfect. Are you perfect just because you are reading the Bible? Nor are people Christians just because they might wear the name Christian, or wave a Christian banner.
However; in communing in worship with one another, Christians do help each other up. Being a unique person and member of the body of Christ, no one stands alone. We are all growing in our walk with the Lord, being continually transformed, are born again, and tested. God is not through with us yet. You might think of the ‘church’ as a hospital for sinners. In the sight of God our sins have/are forgiven, washed away in the blood of Jesus our Christ on the cross, God’s sacrificial lamb, and our robes have been washed white as snow. You will know they are Christians by their love.
Instead of being ‘angry’ with someone, or at something, Christians may well find themselves ‘sad.’ Think about what Christ prayed, on the cross: “Father: --forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”
Additionally; this may be a great time to reach out to that special someone who needs Jesus Christ in their life. (Everyone needs Jesus in their life, --we are all sinners, and fall short-- for it is He who gives life, and is the true light --but not all are receptive.) Christians are saved by God’s grace through our faith, and not of ourselves, or by any good works done, lest anyone should have cause to boast.
Don Cole

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