Friday, December 26, 2008

God's Truth

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Here is a little more: It is hard to follow your thinking: Okay, we both agree who God talked/talks through. Now, you expect us to believe that God lies, or that God does not recognize his own creation and handi-work? Why does it say in Romans 1, that we can know God, that is, to know God, of the things invisible, --by the things that are visible? And because of such, there is no excuse not to know or see God? We can see God through His handiwork, in the creation. Why did God tell us about creation in Genisus, for example, if it weren't true? Were we not meant to read it? The beauty is that God's Word and science do agree. The problem is, there is often bad science, or bad theology. Where there is a disagreement, the error needs to be found. It has always turned out to be either bad science or bad theology, the errors of men, not God. God's Word and science are 'checkable.' Science is God's handiwork; why would God's handiwork and God be enemies? Is God a deceiver? How do you know that you even exist? Do you believe that you exist? Yes; God talks to us through Jesus Christ, written down by the inspired words of Jesus's Apostles, guided by the Holy Spirit. And we can know that the things Jesus taught are true, by checking them out. We can know that Jesus is who he said He was. That is why Jesus did signs and miracles, and passed some of these signs on to his Apostles, so that people could believe, see the power, and than trust. After all these years, the Bible and science AGREE! Only God could have accomplished this, not any man or men. Now tell me, why are you so afraid to study scripture? What about Acts 17: 10-11, where believers studied the scriptures daily to see if the things that the Apostles were telling them was true? How can you tell which 'holy' book is really true? Is it the Bible, which agrees with what can be seen, that is science, --or is the Qu'ran which does not stand up to the same miraculous standards that only God would have the power to accomplish. Any prophet whose prophesies do not pan out, is not a true prophet of God. Is not God perfect? Does God make mistakes? Discerning what is from God, and what is from man is no difficult task. God gave us human intelligence, made in His own image. Is it not rational thinking to expect that God would have us to THINK?

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