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About 'The Rapture'

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About the “Rapture.”
We need to do our homework on this one.
We also have to look at the different ways people interpret the book of Revelation. There are tests that can be used to rationally see which method holds credability. That is another study in itself, but the truth is there for those who care to persue. As mentioned here by some of the other respondents; the Bible does not teach this doctrine, nor does it fit the other pieces in the puzzle. God's Word is truth, and if an individual interpretation fails to fit in, or harmonize with the rest of scripture (and also good science), than one needs to think again, and do some intensive study on the subject. Realize, that just because someone writes a book, does not necessarily dictate that it is true. There may well be books written with opposing views. Research the history of where this doctrine came from, and is it really true? I believe that you will find that it is not, and causes much harm when it comes to trying to share God's truth with others. Athiests have a field day with such false teachings by many preachers. It's scientists vs. preachers, not science vs. the Bible.

Following, is part of an article, mentioning this subject, written by Mr. John Clayton, renown scientist, and ex athiest, his website: . This might add a little light to this discussion.

"One of the tragedies of denominational creationism is that it continues to produce a constant stream of radical creationists who turn science into the enemy and then attack it to support their denominational traditions. Because most of these denominational creationists are dispensational creationists, the age of the earth is a major issue to them. Ronald Number's exhaustive study of creationism, reported in his book The Creationists, has shown this clearly, and in much of creationist materials we see references to the "Rapture," the "Great Tribulation," and of course to the whole "Left Behind" scenario. If you believe the earth's history to consist of six identified roughly 1,000 year ages, ending in the rapture, the seven year tribulation, the 1,000 year physical reign of Jesus from Jerusalem, then you cannot accept anything that would suggest the earth could possibly be significantly over 10,000 years old. Because of the abundance of materials, many amillenialists have blindly copied these materials and promoted as biblical the notions that denominational creationism teaches. It is not our intention to promote any particular age to the earth, but simply to point out that the age of the earth has nothing to do with the Gospel of Christ and is a human enterprise with denominational connections. The earth could be trillions of years old and the Gospel of Christ would not be changed. The problem is that, in promoting their denominational traditions, millennialists have frequently promoted scientifically inaccurate materials and, when children find out the errors in these materials, the results can be very destructive."

Don Cole

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