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Made in God's image...

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Did'>">Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

To Patricia: ...about the nature of God. Closely associated with the concept of a physical god is the concept of creating a human god. This time the way in which the god is created is with human limitations and needs. Questions about the race, sex, culture, language, and appearance of God are all rooted in the misconception that God possesses human properties and limitations. God does not have a sexual identity, and in the Bible God has both masculine and feminine properties. There is no neuter gender in Hebrew, and that means that if a sexual identity is to be given it has to be given by the context in which it is written. Even in the New Testament there are many times when a feminine description of God is given (see Luke'>">Luke 13:34).

Man's creation in the image of God is also not a human concept. We do not look like God physically or in any human way physically. The way we are in God's image is in our capacity to love sacrificially, our creative abilities in art and music, our capacity to engage in spiritual things, our ability to feel guilt and sympathy and compassion. Even the purpose of man's existence is linked to this concept. If you try to explain why God created man on a physical human plane, you are going to end up making God a limited finite being. Humans were not created because God was lonely. The purpose of our creation is rooted in nonhuman struggles that we can only vaguely comprehend, but which emphasize things that are independent of any physical human objective (see Ephesians'>">Ephesians 3:9-11; 6:12; Job'>">Job 1,2).

(Ref: from an article by John Clayton, ).

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