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Let the debate begin...

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Do'>">Do you believe everything that Jesus said?

Clayton: Someone may logically object at this point and say that if God expected us to believe the Bible is inspired, he should protect the accuracy of the documents.

SIM: Well, even better, he should appear, instead of staying silent and invisible. He should be able to step up to a podium and let the world know who and what he is. But there is a game of "faith" which leaves his followers in a Catch 22, wanting to know but unable to know, for sure, because of the invisibility, the assertions, and the unwillingness to simply appear. Like Zeus before him, and all other asserted god types, he's never front and center. Why is that? The answer is, most likely, really most likely, that like Zeus et al, God is imaginary.

Clayton: There are academic ways that can be used by God to do just this,

SIM: Like what?

Clayton: but God can not protect the Bible without making the Bible a golden calf--an idol.

Sim: If people already believe the Bible to be inspired, it's an's the HOLY BOOK.

Clayton: Suppose every time someone translated or copied the Bible they were struck dead if they made an error.

Sim: This sounds exactly what the Christian God would do, if he wasn't imaginary. Recall the poor fellow trying to save the Ark from smashing?

Clayton: Not only would no one attempt to print or translate the Bible,

Sim: But if a good, kind, meciful God was hands-on, he could come up with an infinite number of ways to control the veracity of printing without his usual killing. But, according to the Bible, the one that God has inspired, that isn't the S.O.P he engages in. He just kills.

Clayton: ...but people would worship the object as sacred instead of revering its contents.

SIM: No, since people already believe the Bible to be inspired and inerrant, it would be the same.


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Answered by Sim on December 29, 2008

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