Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Are We Doing In This Life?

You ask me, "What are we all doing in this earthly life?"

Well; I personally think that this is all a big boot camp, for all of us, our earthly souls, to live out, established for molding; testing, learning, refining, and shaping of our individuality. And, it is God's hope that each of us will choose to ultimately be born again, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for the forgiveness of our sins. That is; that we rise up in Christ, a new life, a new body, everlasting. There is no need for any wheel chairs in Heaven!

We have been individually and uniquely made; yet we are all connected together in the same heavens, created in the likeness of God; born with a free will, creativity, love, art, music, etc. Everything is connected. Life is forever. Each of us has an individual, special role here to live out for a Godly purpose. We have our own story to tell, a unique picture on life to share to others; so that in the end we have all grown together, wiser, stronger, better, because we are really all one in harmony with an everlasting, expanding creation. E=MC-squared.

Because of such; God has given each of us the time and space needed to grow, experience, and develop in a natural way; for that which we were made. Some say that the Bible says that we were created to do good works. I would say it is closer to manifesting 'love.' God is love. Good works is the fruit of a Christian's faith; we are not saved by works, but by grace through faith, lest any of us should boast. Love is the joy of loving and being loved. We are not fulfilled in being alone; that is, without love. What if we have the whole earth, but do not have love?

If each of us could stand alone, with no other needs besides ourselves, --how could we ever know about 'love;' --how could we express it to anyone else? What can you give to someone who already has everything, or has no needs, no needs for anyone else to care about ? Would we ever experience joy, if we never had a free will, or never knew hardship or tribulation? What would happen to the joy we receive in our accomplishments, of a hard day's work, or being able to give or help someone in need, or just causing someone to smile, laugh, or just feel good?

Though, I suppose that is how it will be in Heaven. Those who enter in, will have it all!

Jesus said to store up our treasures there (while we are here on earth.) How could we ever show and express our love in Heaven, if we did not express it here on earth while in this dimension? Will it not be too late to store up our treasures in Heaven, after we are already there? Love is created and expressed here on earth, in this lifetime; and then lived forever in Heaven.

That is how I see it... I hope we see each other there, and all our loved ones.

God bless,
Don Cole

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