Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good Islamic Point of View

...That was a good post, showing a good Islamic point of view, amidst all of the flak.

Thank you. I made a copy and intend to do some research, where my knowledge falls short. Please stay tuned.

We need more of these kind of posts, on each side of an issue, which can be very informative and mutually constructive. It could even save lives and bring people and nations together, for the love of each other, God and all mankind.

I am an advocate of World for Truth. ( ) There can be only one truth ; and no one or any religion can change it or manufacture it. Truth is just what it is. Truth cannot be chosen, cafeteria style, in order to falsely prove an agenda.

We should not fear truth. Truth, and love for one another on this planet is our only hope. Nothing else is working, nor ever will.

Let’s go for it, --truth-- wherever we find it!

God bless!

Don Cole

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