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Let's Debate, Creation vs Evolution: _________________

Don Cole


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    Creationsm vs. evolution really isn't an either or debate. Creationism is the why while evolution is the how. You can still believe in creationism and believe that evolution is the process that the creator you believe in used to create whatever you believe this creator created.
    Neither creationism or evolution can be disproven and proof of either does not discount the possibility of the other. While evolution can be proven, short of the second coming of Christ or the appearance of George Burns type God, creationism can't be proven. Belief in creationism requires accepting the premise on faith.
    While citizens are free to accept creationism and live their lives accordingly, creationism ( even if it's called intelligent design ) should not be taught in schools as an alternative scientific theory to evolution. It can however be discussed in social studies or philosophy classes where discussion of theology belongs because it can't be scientifically verified.
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  2. Yes; we have some common ground. As you say; it really isn’t about creationism vs. evolution.

    We first need to define the terms. Most words have more than one meaning. In some cases the meaning of a word can mean something different to one person than to another. Many people today are creating great misunderstandings because they either deliberately or inadvertently use a term that leaves a misconception.

    The word “evolution” is a classic example. Several well-known scientists, including the late Carl Sagan in his TV program “Cosmos,” have made the statement that evolution is a fact. No true scientist could or would ever say that the evolution of man from an amoeba is a fact. To make such a statement is to deny scientific method entirely. On the other hand, it is a fact that living things can change. No one questions whether or not dogs have come about from ancient wolf-like ancestors. This is evolution! It is factual! By not adequately defining what they mean by evolution, a lack of integrity is demonstrated by scientists. I have heard ministers say “you cannot believe in evolution and believe in God (or the Bible.)” This statement does not make sense in several ways, but it is especially devious and destructive when the word “evolution” is not given an adequate definition.

    There are many common errors being propagated to both religion and evolution. One of these errors is the idea that science and religion are enemies.

    What should be taught in schools is truth. Truth is truth. It should not be edited or distorted to meet any agenda. If science backs up Genesis 1; than so be it. If science proves that the earth is older than some preachers say it is; than so it is. (The Bible does not say how old the earth is; the error is in the methods some theologians use to arrive at that conclusion.)

    I disagree with you when you say that creationism can’t be proven, and that belief in creationism requires accepting the premise on faith. (Like the word “evolution”; we also need to define what we mean by “creationism.”) --Blind faith? No; not blind faith. But; yes, we can acquire faith in the things we cannot see, by taking a look at the things that we can see. You are wrong, when you say that creationism (or intelligent design) can’t be scientifically verified.

    Let the debate begin. Thank you, Mr. Harris for your input; and giving some life to my posting. I am hoping many will respond, because there is so much to be said. Let’s keep this going. I am an advocate for truth; whoever has it, and wherever it is found. Bring it on! Today’s adults are yesterday’s misinformed children.

    Truth is our only hope. God is truth. Not many people seem to be looking for it, or care.

    Donald Cole (with some help from John Clayton).
    Dover, NJ USA

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