Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reply To: "There's two guys in a tree..."

I can’t see how anyone is being denied their right to vote?

The Primary Elections are for the CMP’s; (Current Major Party’s ), in order to determine which candidates will run within a particular CMP. It is only useful for those voters who have declared membership in one of the CMP’s. It is a membership thing, to facilitate and organize the party, for the upcoming General Election.

The actual election, or the real election; the election that determines who gets elected or not, is the General Election. The General Election is for all voters, all candidates, all political party’s, even non-party’s, (not just CMP’s}.

Unlike the Primary Elections , that are held only for the CMP’s; the General Election is not restricted to which candidates citizens can vote for, political party’s or whatever. The candidate, or candidates, whom voters choose to vote for, do not even have to be published on the ballet. What is fairer than that? Who is being denied their right to vote? Bear in mind; that this is just my Opinion. A cartoonist is watching you.

I am only replying to this post, on a subject I actually know nothing about; because no one who is smart, did.
I didn’t want you to feel lonely and neglected. Everyone deserves an answer from somebody…

Don Cole

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