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Hope for the Nations. ( )

Keep this world from impending doom.“Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Mat.28:19)

Who; or what, holds out saving hope for all people and all nations; but the guidance, wisdom and power of the words of Jesus Christ; easily found in red-letter editions of the Holy Bible, New Testament. The value of the divine wisdom there, pure truth and love is easily recognized. There is no other hope for the world, for mankind. Read it, --it is obvious! There is no other way.

Stop fighting and killing each other over the Old Testament; which was merely a shadow and school master of what was to come. God in His love, has given mankind a New Covenant, sealed it in the blood of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of our sins; that we might enter into the gate of Heaven; which is a free gift, by grace through faith, a new life in us forever in the Holy presence of God Himself. God’s Kingdom is not of this earth.

God’s chosen people today are those who receive Him and obey His commandments. Jesus Christ, God, son of God, son of man; has been given all authority over Heaven and earth. There is no other name whom man can enter in.

The only true hope for this lost world is to love and cherish the really one and true God, --Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-- and one another. Three are one, as easily as two elements, hydrogen and oxygen, equal water. Or what is a head without a body? Or a body without a head? Together, they are one. The three entities of God, are one. Christ prayed that we be one with Him, on earth as it is in Heaven. God is love. God is Truth. We are one, connected together in all the universe.

Won’t we ever stop this insane, barbaric, killing of one another? ‘Holy’ Wars? Suicide bombers? Who are the benefactors? Evil, like cancer, turns inward on itself, after it is finished killing off it’s host. Evil begets evil, and bears no fruit. Why does man love it so?

Which side are we on? Where is the UN in all of this? Is there any hope? Does anyone care? Will the UN be tossed to the wind and die? Will we all? Will all the nations just blow themselves up?

Let’s turn on the lights! Truth is not in the darkness, but in the light. The light overcomes the darkness. Jesus is the light, the word, and the life for all nations, and all the people. Jesus Christ, Son of God, son of man; has been given all authority in Heaven and on earth. God walked with us, and talked with us, and showed us the way. Jesus is the way.

If the UN disagrees; than show us what is the better way. What road should nations follow? Or, do they follow no good road at all? --driving on crumbling roads and rusty bridges, paved with hate and greed?

We have a choice. We hold present and future love, happiness and blessings in our hands. What will we do with them? Will we be thankful? Will we be good stewards of a good life, and for our children? Or will we do nothing, --business as usual, only to become extinct like the dinosaurs who once roamed this earth?

What will it be? Between you and me.

Donald David Cole
Dover, NJ USA,
Silly Goose
Petty Preacher
The Answer Man

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