Thursday, August 2, 2007

But, Sir --How?

If all nations would join hands and pray together for the blessings of God, and for His guidance; and if each nation is kept from harm or pain by our loving one and only true God; than how can each nation’s territory be increased, without war or violence, or without taking any territory away from another? So, which nation will God favor?

Oh ye of little faith! Do you not have eyes to see, nor ears that hear? Is it not written, that where two or more are gathered together in my name, that I am there also? When people; nations join hands and lands, and learn to love one another, --your territories will be greatly increased! Tell me then; where is there any nation, or person, or persons left with less than before?

Nations; hear the gospel and be baptized into the Lord Jesus Christ. Eat from the bread of life, His body, and drink living water from His cup; His blood. Jesus atoned for the sins of men, and sealed the New Testament in His blood for our sake. Jesus, is the Christ, son of man, son of God, God’s Word incarnate. If ye love not one another, even your own enemies, or those who would do harm against you, --than you know not my Lord, the only one and true God, Father of us all…

Don Cole

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