Wednesday, August 22, 2007

even more, 'There's two guys in a tree...' Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 1:18 am Post subject: There's two guys in a tree...

OK, …Mr. Harris,

I think that I sort of understand now the point that you have been making all along. I wonder if all those other readers who have come to this posting are as slow as I am; or are they all laughing at seeing the not-so-smart ‘Answer Man’ sweat?

So, you contend that the solution for our not-so-perfect-political-system, is to hold double campaigns; one for parties…I’m all for parties… and another one for candidates. Wow! --This seems like a great windfall for the already wind felled media advertising revenues. Can we afford this?

I was going to ask if you owned a lot of stock in the media; but I can see by your other two campaigns, the seriousness that you have for these issues. Thank God, somebody is watching out for us.

Besides calling for Separate voting for parties and candidates; you are also advocating Instant campaign finance reform, and Political contribution vouchers. I can see that you are way ahead of me, on these important issues.

I am still working on Walt Disney? --or Warner Brothers?

Don Cole,
The Answer Man

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