Sunday, August 12, 2007

Illegals Should be Drafted

Would not that solve most of, if not all, of our illegal immigration problems in this country, for all fair and civic minded people? I suggest five years of military service; allowing time to learn the English language, and to go through the same indoctrination and testing that all legal immigrants had to do, in order to become U.S. citizens.

Obviously, we cannot afford to continue to harbor so many illegal aliens, of all sorts, who just run or walk across our borders, riding on our coat tails, while young Americans are fighting and being killed for our freedoms and way of life.
That is an insult to not only our fighting forces today, but to all who went before. What good is it to fight in Iraq, or anywhere else for the protection of our country, if we can not, or will not, value and defend our own borders at home?

Good hearted and well intentioned immigrants would be happy to serve this country, in which they so much want to be citizens.
Others, bent on thievery, corruption, destruction , and just moving onto and taking over U.S. land for their own purposes, while waving their home flags and living off our country, --are not welcome.

Or, am I missing something here? Where are the minds of our leaders, politicians, and presidential candidates?

Don Cole

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