Saturday, August 4, 2007

Looking Up...

Hi Brother,

I don't believe that what we know scientifically, (and there is a lot these days), that your theory, or actual possibility, could be valid. I admire and appreciate you for the fact that you are thinking and reaching out with an open and inquisitive mind. Yes, the heavens are truly awesome! Who can not but look up and be awed on a clear and starry night. Or to just look around at all of God's creation. Some call it all nature, or Mother Nature, --I call it God! Even things I do not see with my eyes, but with my heart.

What is amazing, as we search out, is that after all these years, everything keeps pointing to the Genesis account. The Bible is amazing, and miraculous, --to this very day. Even more so! How can we explain it?

Some people seem to be afraid to think out of the box; I suppose afraid that their faith will be proved not to be justified by the facts of science. They have a false notion, that to think and question is to show lack of faith. Some preachers (not from the church of Christ, I hope), actually teach that, in order to further their own agendas. However, God and science are one in truth. God is truth --and our faith, if it is really based on truth can only be strengthened, not weakened by our thinking and searching. It would be sad, if we just loved our faith so much that we don't care that it is truth or not!

Again, John Clayton is really the one to contact for an intelligent and informed and thoughtful discussion on such subjects.

It hurts; that so few in this country, or even the world, have yet to receive and think about so much of what John Clayton has to offer, ...over a lifetime of dealing with and considering, and researching, with an open mind and heart, as a scientist, these difficult issues. From a devout and actively pursuing atheist, to an awestruck, totally convinced, and absolutely knowing Christian, not only about the existence of God, but also that the Bible is truly God's word! John Clayton can help us all to THINK! It really is exciting to listen to his debates, take in his lectureships, and to read his materials.

Don Cole

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