Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ok, Muhammad...

Thank you for leading us to the Muslim web site: .
There is a lot to ponder; but, so far I have yet to be enlightened. But, we will keep on studying, with an open mind, for I am a lover of truth.

I liked your smiling icon.

But; of course, I do not like what Muslims believe about Jesus (A liar and a deceiver?); but than again; one does not have to believe in the deity of Jesus Christ to be an American.

When talking about the Crusades; I wonder if it is not the Catholic Church that has a lot of responsibility to bear. (I am no expert; just a cartoonist.)
I believe that the Catholic Church was patterned after the Roman Empire, and was organized about 300 years after the early church was started in 30 AD on Pentecost; that is, the only church that is found in the Bible, New Testament, in the book of Acts. True Christians are those who follow Jesus Christ, heeding His commandments. There is no Pope, no Vatican, no Catholics, not even Protestants. There is no evidence that the apostle Peter ever assumed any such role as a Pope, or acted like one.

In future postings, I plan to continue pointing out difficult passages that I find in the Koran. Likewise, you might choose doing the same with the Bible.

Let peace, love, and truth prevail! Nothing else is working, or ever will. God bless.

Don Cole

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