Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rutgers player files suit against Imus

Up until now, I have had a very positive image of the Rutger’s women’s basketball team; and I had posted letters to the Daily Record, and on the World for Truth web site , to that effect. I believe that most people probably agreed with me:

04-14-2007 … “I am proud of the Rutgers University girls' basketball team; they really are beautiful. They stood tall and exemplify the Lord's will and love, and grace; whereas these so-called ‘Reverends’ do not.

04-17-2007 “The heroes here, are the girls themselves (not the coach, who accused Imus of destroying the entire lives of these girls, and seemingly blaming Imus for all the ills in the black community, as if he had that kind of power.) These girls showed their true beauty, by accepting Imus's sincere heartfelt apologies, and offering him forgiveness for his sins. By standing high and beautiful, as they did, above the phonies.

The fact is; that Kia Vaughn, by filing this ridicules law suit, has become guilty of “slander and defamation" of her own character, not only to herself, but to all the rest of her team mates also. The love of money is the root of all evil. Sadly, she has chosen to join the ranks of the other unforgiving opportunists, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jacxkson.

We all know the Imus story. This new lawsuit is one of the sickest!

Don Cole

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