Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Daily Record forum: "Don Cole is a robot"

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2007 12:30 am

From: The Daily Record, Post subject: Opinion: Don Cole is a robot

To rhmotown; WHAT?! --I love replies!
If you will scroll down; I have posts all over the place, always having the last word, eagerly waiting for another reply, so that I can keep the post going.

I find that it is quicker and easier than drawing daily cartoons; that the Daily Record probably won’t publish anyway. Check out my other web site:

For example; in the ‘Rants and Raves’ section: I was hoping that other seniors would start adding on their own ‘Senior Moments‘; then I could add another, and so on, without having to post a new topic every time I have a senior moment, --like right now:

…‘Hey! -- What has happened to all my favorite radio programs? What TV Channel did the ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ move to? Where is Jackie Gleason? And I can’t find the Foodini and Pinhead puppets anymore…’

However; I do understand misunderstandings about replying in rhmotown. The reason you don’t see my replies on the other websites , is because there is noone to reply to. I hardly ever get any responses directly to those sites. I learned real quick, --that if I start copying other people’s letters over to my own web sites, --I get in a heap of a lot of trouble, -- real fast!

Yes! --come with me to my other sites. I have cartoons there! I will respond…I am not a robot.

Don Cole

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