Friday, May 22, 2009

World Peace through TRUTH...

DonColeCartoons wrote:
I am a little confused in the language here of TMCKE and flat5361. But the key word I want to bring out here is 'TRUTH.' Until the people following the Qur'an come to realize that Muhammad does not hold up to being a true prophet of God, all the killing and atrocities will only continue and worsen. For what they believe, martyrdom is cherished and looked forward to, as they have been taught that this is the true will of God.

The problem is, we have long ago taken God out of our schools and to so many in this country, they don't know the difference between the Bible and the Qur'an. Children are taught the big lie that science and the Bible are at odds with one another. When we take God out of the picture, Satan moves in. No amount of weapons or bombs will ever end these wars.

For the athiests, agnostics and such; can you show us a better path or plan to world peace than what Jesus Christ taught? Compare the teachings of Jesus Christ with the teachings of Muhammad, or anyone else. --dc

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