Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Answering Joy, on The VIEW, TV show

Answering Joy, on The VIEW, TV show
Posted 5/6/2009 1:00 PM EDT on
Joy emulates the ignorance of the general public today in regards to truth about science and the Bible. This is the generation that has been taught that God and science are at odds with one another, where God has been taken out of the schools. All facts that do not back up Darwin's theories are censored, in the name of ...(horrors),' --"religion." When it comes to evolution, people need to clarify what they are talking about. There is no question that evolution exists, and the Bible even talks about it. Evolution talks about changes in things that have already been created. Evolution does not explain creation nor the orgin of life. Declaring that top scientists do not back up the Genesis account is false. I would love to challange Joy, --she is so far away from having any true knowledge. Sadly; her beliefs do reflect the general thinking of the day. Instead of the media always inviting celebrities, why don't they invite some true scientists who know what they are talking about, on the show. I suggest starting with John Clayton, ex-athiest, renowned scientist. --Don Cole, Dover NJ

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