Sunday, May 31, 2009


Re: Letter to the Editor, in the Daily Record, by John D. Capsouras, Randolph: "FORMER VICE PRESIDENT... Torture is never acceptable option...To the Editor: To former vice president Dick Cheny and his ilk--- Three things wrong under any circumstance: pedophilia, incest and torture! Enough said, you cretins?"

I cannot sit by and let this letter go by without an answer. First of all, this is all about 'waterboarding,' and has nothing to do with "pedophilia' and "incest," --in the name of "Dick Chenny and his ilk." Waterboarding is indeed a scarry thing, but it was done in an extreme case, as a last resort, and with medical supervision. It left no lasting efffects on the recipient. It DID SAVE THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT AMERICAN LIVES! Thank God, Barack Obama was not president at that time. However, I would like to think that even Obama would have done the same thing that the Bush administration did, if he had been in the same shoes. The problem here is, people take no heed in numbers of lives saved, but only those who have already died. --dc

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