Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bible or the Qur'an?

--Continuing Answers to Openyourmind786, Issues

The Issue:

"The Bible was written by many people and parts were taken out and put in according to the author. The Qur'an is the whole truth from Allah. No one else is author."

What you have stated here is all the more reason why rational thinking people should believe that it is the Bible, and not the Qur'an, or any other religion's 'holy' book, that truely is of the one true God.

It is not hard to understand that you believe that "The Qur'an is the whole truth from Allah. No one else is author," because that is what you have been told, and that this is your tradition. But, how do you know that what you have been taught is true? Where are the evidences? Where is the authority? Where is the good fruit of the Qur'an?

Compare the writings of Muhammad with the words of Jesus Christ; then tell me which is of God. Compare the history, the prophesies fullfilled, the miracles, the 100% biblical accuracy about science, health, creation and nature. (It's scientists vs. preachers, not science vs. the Bible.) Where did Muhammad ever speak of anything beyond the common knowledge of his day?

As one would expect, when receiving from a false prophet, the sheer ignorance in science and nature shouts out to us in these latter days loud and clear! Is not true God familiar with his own handiwork? --dc

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