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The 'Rosies of Dover' story...

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Something missing in the 'Rosies of Dover' story...
Posted 5/26/2009 5:16 PM EDT on dailyrecord.com

This is astounding! The article is all about: "'Rosies of Dover' being honored..." --yet there are no photos, here among those printed, depicting this! When reading the article, one would expect to be able to look over and see a photo of these ladies, receiving their dozen red roses, and certificates. The Daily Record photographers --or is it a Daily Record photo editor-- really dropped the ball on this one! How unprofessional can you get? (gulp) --I really like reading and contributing to the Daily Record, and I hope they won't be too upset with me here. --dc

Well, that Don Cole guy is turning into quite a curmudgeon. Not everyone lives in a perfect world like he does, --Praise the Lord! Surely the DR photographers and editors must realize that the ideal format here would be to show a picture of the honored ladies that the article was about. However, with the limited printing space and budget cuts, who knows what goes on behind the scenes at the Daily Record?

Maybe it was too costly to insure that the DR would have a photographer present at the right place at the right time. Now, this is the day that we should all carry our own cameras, and take our own pictures, if we are going to do anything, or be involved, in anything of newsworthiness. --dc

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