Monday, October 8, 2007

Truth and Evolution

Posted:, Forums, Opinion, Wed Sep 19, 2007 4:42 pm Post subject: "Earth: Round or Flat?"

“After declaring she didn't "believe in evolution, period," new "View" co-host Sherri Shepherd was asked if she thought the world was flat. Her response to moderator Whoopi Goldberg is in the clip. Jeffrey is Shepherd's two-year-old son.”

It appears, like it does to lots of people, that Sherri Shepherd doesn’t understand that she can believe in God and evolution too.

This is just another example how children are not taught truth in schools. Now those children have become adults; confused, and teaching the same false teaching; no matter whether they are atheists or Christians. Truth gets scattered to the wind. Truth has low priority. Most people seem to busy or whatever to care; and the world is killing itself over religious differences and misunderstandings. To God, it must appear that we would rather kill one another, than to debate or pursue truth, or love one another. We exchange truth for apathy and toleration.

Well; I already answered this earlier, -- just before it happened. Is God trying to show us something or what? I answered it twice, in the post, “Let’s Debate Creation vs. Evolution.”

For one to say, that they ‘don’t believe in evolution, period,’ is to deny the facts of evolution taught in the Bible.

About truth, --“The word “evolution” is a classic example. Several well-known scientists, including the late Carl Sagan in his TV program “Cosmos,” have made the statement that evolution is a fact. No true scientist could or would ever say that the evolution of man from an amoeba is a fact. To make such a statement is to deny scientific method entirely. On the other hand, it is a fact that living things can change. No one questions whether or not dogs have come about from ancient wolf-like ancestors. This is evolution! It is factual!

By not adequately defining what they mean by evolution, a lack of integrity is demonstrated by scientists. And, I have heard ministers say “you cannot believe in evolution and believe in God (or the Bible.)” This statement does not make sense in several ways, but it is especially devious and destructive when the word “evolution” is not given an adequate definition.”

I don’t know why Sherri Shepherd was asked if the earth is flat. (?) Neither the Bible, from the source; nor science, the created, teaches that the earth is flat. Although, mankind used to believe in a flat earth, the Bible authors wrote factual truth, not the common beliefs of the day, thus proving that what they wrote down was guided by a higher intelligence. One of ways that we can know that the Bible is from God is by its checkability.

It is time for global heart warming, --truth not bombs.
That is the message.

Don Cole (with some help from John Clayton)

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