Sunday, October 7, 2007

Attributes for a U.S. President

To Someone,

This is interesting. As a Christian, you have no problem with a woman president running our country? How do you feel about women elders and preachers in the church? (Please; people, I am in no way implying that women are inferior.)

When it comes to divorce, especially for an innocent Christian who might not have any say or opportunity to prevent it; have heart. Although; I suppose a person could be held accountable as per good judgement, in choosing a mate who will be faithful.

Another aspect to consider when judging a divorced person, especially the horrors of being divorced more than once, is this: Good Christians do not have premarital sex, nor live together outside of marriage. Many people, who are considered to be "good," people (eligible to be leaders?) do not get married, or divorced, because they just sleep around and bear no commitment at all. Even if they do get caught; they just repent, and all is forgiven and forgotten. Is it better to sleep around, than to take the risk of getting married, that could end up in divorce, never to be forgotten or forgiven?

Yes. We all fall short in one way or another.

Remember; that God does have a hand in the elections of our presidents, as He does in all aspects of our lives. Jesus is the answer.

Don Cole

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