Monday, October 8, 2007

Gospel in a Nut Shell

Posted:, Forums, Opinion, Sun Sep 16, 2007 5:59 pm Post subject: "Bible glorifies Violence."

To someone,

Here is the reply, in a ‘Nut’ Shell:

Yes; there is a lot of violence in the Old Testament, brought about by the sin and disobedience of men to God. History, along with the Old Testament was/is meant to teach us something. Because of sin, men were doomed. Jesus came into the world, to take our sins upon Himself. He fulfilled the Old Testament, and gave us a New Testament, sealed for us forever by His blood on the cross.

We all fall short, but we can be washed in the blood of Jesus, making us white as snow in the eyes of God. We are no longer cursed under the Law of the Old Testament, but heirs of the free gift of grace, now through faith in the son of God.

Jesus was accused of working on the Sabbath; but, he explained it all….so, we no more see in a mirror darkly. Christians are not Sabbath keepers; so working on Saturdays is no big deal.

Women are not lesser than men. Men and women have different roles. Each answer to and worship God. Men and women compliment one another. In marriage, a man and a woman become one. A husband should be willing to give his life for his wife, as Christ loved and gave up his life to His bride, the church.

The command is not, “Thou shall not kill.” What the command really states is, “Thou shall not murder.”

Don Cole

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