Monday, October 8, 2007

New Testament Gospel

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Yes. The New Testament gospel is simple enough, and the words of Christ, can be easily seen in red letter editions of the Bible. The richness and power of it are easily recognized.

When I first really read it, about 50 years ago, I didn't know who wrote it, but I recognized the power and the wisdom that Christ taught.

See the book of Acts, to see how people were really saved and added to the Lord's church. History, and the Old Testament can really nail down the faith; because one can recognize how miraculious it all comes together.

Have I really studied the Koran for myself, as such? --No, not yet; just what I have picked up from studies and other sources.

I write a lot, but I am not a professional or scholor, so I don't mind being corrected. That is what we are here for; to share our thoughts and opinions, and even our faiths. As long as we can keep our respect for one another.

All I care about is truth, whereever it might be hiding, or whoever has it. Why would anyone want to stake their life on anything less? It is easy to become deceived. I used to do magic tricks, for fun; but then found it a bit scarry, because people can be so gullible to deception. That was when I was very young.

Don Cole

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