Saturday, September 15, 2007

Truth and Prophesy

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Sat Sep 15, 2007 10:18 am

I totally agree with Peter Zapf about this issue.

This is not about hate or disrespect for people, nor is it about racism.

This is about love for people, about truth. This is about a war going on in heavenly places, between good and evil.

The Koran is not of God. The Koran fails to stand up to the tests of truth and prophesy. Revelations that are truly from God are never wrong. As one would expect from the writings of men; the Koran is typical:

Here; is but a small sampling of the many scientific inaccuracies of the Koran:

The Women 4:23 (Al-Nisa) “Nursing passes on genetic traits from mother to child.” However, the factual truth is that no genetic traits are transmitted by nursing.

Al-Nahl 16:69 (Sura of the Bee) “Honey comes out of a bee’s abdomen and heals men.” The factual truth is honey is not produced in a bee’s abdomen.

The Women 4:23 (Al-Nisa), The Heights 7:172 (Al-Araf) “Semen comes from the back or kidney area, not from the testicles.” The fact is that semen comes from the testicles.

The Prophets 21:31, The Bee 16:15, Lugman 31:10, The News 78:6-8, The Overwhelming 88:17, 19 “God threw down mountains like tent pegs to keep the earth from shaking.” The factual truth is mountains do not keep the earth from shaking and are not in any way like tent pegs.

Al-Anam 6:38 (Sura of the Cattle) “All animals and all things that fly form communities like man.” The fact is that many forms of life do not live in communities. The Ant 27:15-44 (Al-Naml) “Solomon talked with ants, birds, and giants” (not presented as a miracle or a fable.) The factual truth is that this kind of communication does not happen.

Compare this to the truths of the Bible; well beyond the wisdom and knowledge of the people of the day.

Donald Cole

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