Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Dummy Don" talks about jobs, taxes, and our economy, to an entrepreneur

You are good at replying. Thanks. Now, I am thinking, –why haven’t these politicians, and President Obama, sat down with a large transparent town house meeting, or meetings, with many common entrepreneurs as yourself, –and find out what would work from the people who really ought to know. What is presented could be gone over by those economic “experts,” and if there are flaws to the proposals offered up for consideration, than they could publicly explain why; and then that could be looked at by all, and the cycle would go around until the best solution is met.

Unfortunately, what happens instead, is that Obama travels all around the country giving controlled campaign speeches, which is a bit lame because he has lost most of his credibility, from his earlier campaign speeches –that have not held up to time, honesty or true transparency. I also get frustrated with both partys when they often do not clarify what they are talking about. Such as, “We absolutely will not raise any taxes on the American people!” The public needs to understand exactly what people they are talking about. And when Obama says that he is “giving employers a payroll tax break, holiday” that what is really meant is that he is stopping monies that are normally going into Social Security (and then a short time down the road, he is pointing out how Social Security is running out of money.) As you might have guessed, I am really a dummy in all this, as far as being any expert. However; I have not lost my ability to THINK.

Now, I would be interested in what you think, about my “Bookend Economics” theory. I had been discussing this with some real pros in this field, and I was shocked to get a reply back saying that what I was writing made a lot of sense, saying “Now, if you can only convince the President and Congress…” I say, our Capitalism society is very good, –but we need to place BOOK-ENDS at each end of the spectrum, which can be moved left and right according to the financial health that our economy is in.. That way no deserving citizen is allowed to become too poor, or too rich. However, there would be a good span in-between, and as wide as our country chooses it to be, – from one bookend to the other bookend, a span that is open for adjustment when times, or the future, calls for it. That way, we all have something to work for, personally and as a country as a whole, not controlled by negative powers and forces often seen at play in our lives today. A “me-myself-and-I” people mentality is not a foundation that can last, or allow our freedoms to ring. So, what do you think?

(ps: Watch for my new comic strip, “Dummy Don,” who is really Super Don in disguise Sometimes it is hard for people to know the difference, and the two characters often become intertwined; but it is easier for those who have eyes that see, and ears that hear.) –dc

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