Monday, July 18, 2011

Dummy Don ..Should TV be Banned in Courtrooms?

Sorry; it is not about Bill O’Reilly. (I watch his show all the time.) What I am “trying to say (I thought the original post was clear). is that we should NOT ban TV from the courtrooms. When at all possible, we should get our facts first-hand, which having TV in the courtrooms enables us to do. (Not everyone can do that.) The frustration comes about, such as in the Casey Anthony trial, when one has watched the trial from beginning to end –as the jurors do– and then be bombarded with the terrible and frenzied way the media covers the story and degrades our jury system and all the jurors. Then all (not all) these yelling and screaming celebrity talking heads incite the public to ugly hatred and a mob mentality. It is especially nauseating to listen and watch someone like “JUSTICE With Judge Jeanine,” carry on this way. She is a real Judge; and real Judges should be above such behaviour. Personally, I think she should be dis-barred. O’Reilly is entitled to his opinions; that is what his TV show is all about. But usually, he is not such a big “pinhead.” (A name used on his show to judge others). –Dummy Don DUMMY DON …by Don Cole

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