Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Comic strip gaffes?

Comic page gaffes?

Oh-Oh. Here comes the Storm! Obvious layoffs. First showing up in a syndicated comic strip, and now today with the Daily Record’s Crossword Puzzle! What will be next?

In the HI AND LOIS comic strip of, Feb 3, 2011, the balloon pointer in the last panel (the punch line) is pointing to the wrong person! How could a cartoonist do that, unless he had used an overburdened assistant? Obviously, Dik Browne, plus Brian and Greg Walker (sons of Mort Walker, of Beetle Bailey fame) need more help. (p.s.: I am available.) And now, (sigh) today, Monday, my daily newspaper, The Daily Record of Morris County NJ, has published the very same crossword puzzle that it published in Saturday’s paper! What is this world coming to?!!

Here is a sample I sent to Jim Davis, when he was looking for some help at his studio, Paws Inc., back in my Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Dover NJ days.

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