Monday, July 18, 2011

Dummy Don ...about Flat Tax

Am I missing something here? Everybody would pay the same percentage of tax on their income, no matter what? So, if one person's income is $5,000. per week his income tax would be, say on a 30% tax rate for everybody, --$1,500, which still leaves him with $3,500. per week to invest in forfeited real estate, or whatever, before he eventually has enough money and power to monopolize (like the game of monopoly) and take over our whole country, (or whatever). Compare this with with a senior citizen living on his Social Security checks , of about $200. per week (or less, and with COLAs frozen for three years now). 30% of $200. is $60. leaving the senior citizen with $140. per week to live on. Now the cost of rent, food, gas, heat, and other basic necessities to live being absolutely the same for everyone, who is going to be kicked over the cliff, or pushed out into the ocean currents on a raft to perish? Just because a person works hard all their life is no guarantee that they will never be in need (nor any of their family or loved ones). When things get even worse (and cheer up now, because things could be worse, --and probably will be.), such as in the Depression; should we revert back to businessmen jumping out of high-up skyscraper windows because the stock market collapsed? This ME-MYSELF-and I mentality is a crumbling foundation, or no foundation at all, and will never cure the ills of our nation. -- Dummy Don (ref: my comic strip, "Dummy Don.")

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