Saturday, January 24, 2009

People Bashing

People Bashing
Posted 1/24/2009 1:48 PM EST on
Why are people so compelled to bash one another in order to make their points? I cringe whenever I hear anyone bashed, --especially an eight year ran president of the United States.
I suppose I am more sensitive than most. I.e.: I was standing just a few feet away from President Kennedy just a week before he was shot. We can all remember where we were when we heard the news. My own recollection, was hearing one of my cohorts (we were at work at NASA, Cape Canaveral), --who declared “It’s about time somebody got him!” This person said this, because he did not agree with all of president Kennedy’s politics at the time. I was flabbergasted by such an ugly reaction to this news flash that our president of the United States had just been assassinated, --regardless if we agree with his politics or not!
When we bash each other, and show such disrespect even to our own presidents, --we are also undermining our own selves and country in the process. I love to debate…but it usually takes a long while to get past all the disrespect, name calling, shouting, and personal bashing. We can and do all learn from one another. We do not always have to agree with one another. --dc

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  1. Hello there Don! Thank Goodness for your comments regarding bashing our Presidents. You do indeed speak "the truth" as I see it. I have been cringing for 8 long years now and expect to start cringing again in the near future. It seems that some find it so easy to bash others. I wish they would wake up and realize how very much harm they do to their country when they say such harsh things. Why can't we respect the office, if not the man? The night before MLK was shot, my small-framed, gentle father-in-law sitting in his rocking chair in Ohio said, "Somebody ought to shoot that man." My father-in-law saw MLK as a person who was doing nothing but "stirring up the Negroes." Wonder what he would think nowadays? Sensitive people will always cringe at injustice, let's just hope we are able to fight it within ourselves. Your friend from Yeddaland. Nancy Gree