Thursday, January 1, 2009

Other Religions

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Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

Sim, What makes it very difficult to get anywhere with you, is that you ramble on and on and on... Every issue that you bring up here, I would enjoy answering, --and I am trying my best to do so. Do you REALLY want good answers? If so, could you please post ONE issue at a time, in that I might be able to give you thoughtful, rational evidences and answers?

About believers of the Qu'ran; this 'holy' book, of the Muslim faith, does not in any way stand up to rational standards that I have been putting forth about Bible validity for being the true Word of God. This also applys to other religions and faiths. Just what DO you believe anyway? Do you believe in God? Please go to my Forum page, in the Daily Record newspaper,; or click on this particular Forum page subject of mine directly. Here is the url address: (ps. Just how much information do you think I can cram into a single post anyway?) --dc

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Answered by DonColeCartoons on January 01, 2009

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