Monday, January 26, 2009

Jesus Christ --the best stimulus package

Hi _______, I realize that I wasn’t quite fair in response to what you were actually writing about, that is, about an alternative method to the stimulus package, which is already ongoing. I just had to get my two cents in, to remind people that the stimulus bailouts are not a cure for our economic woes, lest they should forget. It is more like pouring gas into a leaking gas tank, long enough to get to the nearest repair shop. I think the underlying problem has been building up, and began way back with the ‘me-myself-and-I generation‘, free and open sex, hippies and drugs, and taking God out of our schools. Greed and Godlessness has caught up with us. But we want to blame it all on George W. Bush. If only it were that simple. In reality, we are reaping what we have sown, as a people and a country. However; I do feel optimistic in that I think many people are starting now to look around and ask more questions, discuss and value truth and the meaning of life itself. For this country, and all the countries of the world, it is all about values, and respect for human life, loving (or hating?) one another. There is one person on earth who gave the world the perfect plan for world peace, --and that man was Jesus Christ. Believe in Him or not, but the power, and the glory, is the Word of God for all mankind. Who cannot see the authority and the divine wisdom? Who has ever come up with a better way, or higher wisdom? Who has delivered us a better book than Jesus? What is the alternative? What has made our country great, even in spite of our shortcomings? Who has loved God more? God is love, God is truth and the only hope for the world. --dc

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