Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reply to: It's the Bible that glorifies violence

Posted:, Opinion, Wed Sep 12, 2007 9:56 am Post subject: Reply to: It's the Bible that glorifies violence.

I beg your pardon. Jesus Christ, God Himself in His love, came into this world to put down hate and violence; to suffer the justice upon Himself at the cross that we might all be saved from our sins, by grace through faith in Him.

Only God could do it. Jesus came in the name of love, not violence. Jesus shows us the way. The way is to love God and one another; the way of truth and true salvation and life eternal in the sight of God, --not a bed of virgins for suicide bombers, lusting in self and the flesh.

The Bible shows us the sinfulness and corruption of men; truth, justice and the consequences of sin. The Old Testament, for our learning, leads us into the New Testament, a new covenant for mankind, sealed by God Himself by the blood of Jesus on the Cross. Jesus Christ Himself; --both Son of man, and Son of God.

What is the history and where is the authorization of the Koran? Why does it contain man-made errors, if it is truly the revelation of the one true God? And where does it lead? If I can take the whole Bible; why cannot we take the whole Koran? Does God lead us with contradictory commands, to be taken cafeteria style, so that we can make up our own religion and reality and morals?

Hope without truth, is no hope at all. There is a war going on in heavenly places. There is no other name on earth, that one can be saved, than through the name of Jesus Christ, God Himself. We can recognize the true disciples of God by their fruit. Bad fruit does not grow on good trees. Think about it. Who is your God? And why? Where is the authority? Where is the history? Where is the fruit of your faith? Is it of God; or is it of men?

God bless and save us all from ouselves.

Donald Cole

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