Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Global Heart Warming

Posted:, Forums, Opinion, Wed Sep 12, 2007 1:06 am Post subject: Tone down the rhetoric; Let's keep Mosque debate in focus

This is about life and death!

Yet, the sad situation is that not many people in this country are very serious about truth, their ‘faith, or even their own religion.’

This is the blind and apathetic, busy generation in our new America that has a mind set that says, “Teach only evolution in the schools, and limit all evidences of God, creationism and intelligent design to the churches.” “Keep God out of the schools! “ Keep God out of our government. ““Keep God away from our children!” “Keep God out of everything we can! “ Truth, has been reduced to non-concern., and replaced with tolerance for what-ever goes, and every religion, or any way of life.

When do we ever talk about truth? It seems like people prefer to kill one another, than to sit down peacefully, and discuss and debate what and where is the truth? Who has it? Which religions stand up to scrutiny; and which do not? What is the history? Where are the evidences? What are the fruits? Who and where is the authority? What is valid, and what is not? How many truths can there be?

However; Muslims are very serious about their religion.

And, so was Adolph Hitler, in his beliefs about evolution, and the survival of the fittest, --theorized by Charles Darwin, --the only thing allowed to be taught in our schools as truth, --regardless of what is scientifically proven or not proven.

We are taught far beyond known truth, far fetched theories about evolution not backed up by any science, and not to be questioned. Nor do we care about one religion from the next; even if their ‘Holy’ book sets them out to kill us. After all; we wouldn’t want to be accused of being a bigot!

Later, we blame and cry to God for our woes and tribulations; but, the truth is --that we do reap what we sow.

The outcome of our apathy and the lies we harbor, is deception and destruction. Love, or the enemy of love. Roots in a solid foundation that stand tall and strong as the mighty oak tree, or loose and unattended brush to be blown away in the sand?

How can we expect God to care about us; when we do not even care about ourselves, or each other? God is love. God is truth; God’s truth. We really ought to pay more attention, for the love and survival of our children, and all of mankind.

That is; what we need, is a good dose of global heart-warming.

Don Cole

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