Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What to do with Terrorist Prisoners

My Answer to 'wildweasel':

"You realize that Muslim countries imprison and kill Christians - or any other non muslims - for preaching and practicing other religions in their lands?..."

Maybe I am thinking about a different letter (senior moment)...but I thought we were talking about the torturing, or not torturing, of terrorist prisoners. But, it doesn't matter:

The scenario is that If we already have them in our clutches, thinking whether we could save lives by torturing them or not. I say it would be more effective, ...more importantly, being right with God, a show of American principles, and an example to the entire world of who the real one true God is, and in obedience to the Christian commission, --that is; to teach those terrorists the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (See the last chapter of the Bible's book of Matthew.)

Hearing the words of Jesus Christ, such as the Bible's New Testament Sermon on the Mt., ought to melt any terrorist's heart.

Who can be against what Christ taught, for the love of God for all of mankind?

God loves us all, --even our enemies, and we are commanded by Jesus Christ, son of God, son of man, to do likewise.

Don Cole

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