Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dancing With the Lord!


As I told you in worship services this morning; you delivered one of the best sermon's this morning that I have ever heard. I have a few years up on you, and I say Amen, from my own experiences and studies. All that you preached was absolutely true. You have a good grasp on those scriptures. And I must say, that you deliver them with tremendous force and sincerity. I love to hear my brothers in Christ preaching from their hearts, and accurately in God's word. We also appreciate all the "little" things that you do for us behind the scenes. I don't know how you manage it all. Besides delivering an excellent sermon this morning; you freed up our professional preacher and evangelist, to help enlarge our territory even more.

When it comes to the Jabez prayer; my prayers are turning more and more to, "Thank you Lords." It is hard to ask God for these things, while we can see with our own eyes and ears that He is is already answering them. And it's not even 40 days yet! We might turn more of our requests now over to Thank you's and how much we look forward and request continuation of His taking our hand, not only in keeping us from harm, and freeing us from pain, --but for dancing with us!

Don Cole

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