Friday, July 27, 2007

Force Love?

Force anyone to love, or to believe in something? I think not! Is that possible? However, we do have the power to offer, educate and influence. That is how Jesus worked/works.

We can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make it drink. But, people who own horses say that the horses do drink when they are led to good water. Sometimes, in this life, bad water is all people have to drink. We need to be there for them.

We need to love our neighbors, each other, and all mankind; to be good stewards, as our Saviour would have it. Not return evil for evil, as is the nature of the unsaved, the natural man.

Jesus Christ never forced anyone to follow Him; --but He led/leads the way! Man is born with a free will. We are offered the good water of everlasting life, everlasting happiness and fulfillment, to live in the presence and providence of the only one and true God. Yesterday, today and forever. That which cannot wither away, nor rust decay.

Love begets love; as likewise, hate begets hate. Man will die by the sword, or live by the cross.
Truth begets truth, as deception begets deception.
We become, and are, that which we accept and hold dear; and that of which we choose to eat, and decide to drink. Love does not force anything down someones throat, although hate might.

So, what do/will we eat and drink? Is it healthy or is it really poison to our soul? Are we not made with the inherent ability to recognize, and sort out, the good from the bad? What do we choose?

And so our prayer rises up, that the Muslim terrorist prisoners be led to living waters, and be saved. For how can they ever know, if there is none to teach them?

Don Cole

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