Friday, July 13, 2007

American Muslims?

To the Editor:
Ref: Editorial Article, 7/13/07 “Anti-U.S. label is unfair to Muslims,“ by Aref Assaf, president of the American-Arab forum.
“Whether many hate mongers like it or not, Muslims are here, and they are praying and congregating. They are also your friends, teachers, hospital doctors, and quite possibly, your neighbors…”
Yes. This is a very scary situation. Just look at what is happening today in Europe.
Will you please tell us what the Muslims in this free country of ours are congregating about, who are they praying to, and what do they believe in, and what is their goal?
What is it that makes a good Muslim? If they are not wolves in sheep’s clothing, than what are they?
How more foolish can people get, than to look to the anti-Christ for the blessings of God.
We are not talking about any kind of racial or cultural discrimination here; we are talking about two belief systems that contradict one another. One is love, and the other is hate, and it is not the American belief system that hates the blessings and freedoms we share.
How can there be any such thing as an “American Muslim”? --unless you mean Muslims living in America, pretending to be Americans. And what is that all about anyway?
Tell us, Mr.Assaf --just what do Muslims believe? Is it possible to be an American and a Muslim too? Maybe you will write a new article and touch on these things. We are listening. God bless!

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