Sunday, May 13, 2007

What Happens to Cancer After it Destroys it's Host?

We see a whole new generation now, who have no clue to what the truth is.

They were "educated" in untruth and now we see the results of that "education."

As adults, they sincerely believe, with hardened hearts, that what they were taught in school was truth.

Today, too many people are too "educated" to intelligently question their own beliefs or non-beliefs. They refuse to look or listen; blind leading and teaching the blind, who grow a new generation trusting in the darkness.

The world seems to give its life to Charles Darwin.
Christians give their lives to Jesus Christ, to one another, ...even their own enemies.

There is only one true God.
He is not the evil one; who is the anti-Christ, reigning in darkness, --which many people choose and prefer-- with his lies and deceptions, false hopes and promises, mayhem, murder and annihilation for all of mankind, consequently even to his own followers, no matter how loyal they might have been for the Devil's cause. One cannot look to the Devil for the blessings of God.

I see it all the time, in the commentaries in the news and on television from these otherwise intelligent and well educated people. Persons of this world are still in the stone age, when it comes to science and truth. I suspect that they just love their materialistic world too much to question themselves, or anyone else.

Persons thriving in evil groups apparently think that they are set apart, and lavish themselves together at the expense of others or outsiders.
Little do they realize that sooner or later, evil turns inward on itself, and is totally self destructive. What happens to cancer, after it destroys it's host?

It amazes me, i.e.: -- this new book, author interview on Larry King, seeing how the book, "God is not Great!" ends up on the best seller list! The author is obviously coming from the lies he, and everyone else at that time, were taught in our schools. What good is education if truth is not sacred? Why don't people examine or question the things being taught? Why are known lies tolerated? Paying students have a right to the truth! Truth should be demanded! Things not known, should be taught as things not known. New and old discoveries should be taught openly, without bias. No good science should be banned from schools, just because it doesn't feed a particular agenda.

Truth should have the freedom to find it's own way! Truth is our friend, not our enemy! We need to walk with truth and love.

The nations of this world; that is, all the peoples contained on earth everywhere, desperately need to unite together and walk the walk of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is the light, that is the love of God. He is our source. Today, yesterday and forever. Jesus is God's word manifested, fulfilled. He is the only valid and good one, the only one and true God. Jesus is son of man, and son of God. Herein dwells the power and the brilliance and the example of love, and the fellowship and leadership which is offered to each and all of us, by our good shepherd, Jesus the Christ. It is by the grace of God, manifested within God's unbending justice for man, who bore our own sins on, our behalf, on the cross at Calvary, through His active and fruitful, loving and obedient faith, forevermore. To those who follow Him; He has saved us from our sins, which was no easy matter. But He did; and that is the love of God, for us. That is the good news! Who can be against the things that Christ taught? Whatever a person might believe about Jesus Christ; His teachings, the Word, is the most valuable asset that man has on earth.

It should be against the law to disguise or teach any unproven theory as absolute truth. Truth should not be left up to politicians, religions, or anyone else. Truth is the sacred pearl, and is available for all who care to pursue. Truth can be discovered, but it cannot be changed.

Educators should lay all of the pearls on the table, for everyone to observe, utilize, and study for themselves; and not try to manipulate or manufacture what is truth. Truth speaks for herself. Let truth speak. Let truth rise up; and the people of this world may find bliss, and forever. Amen.

Don Cole

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