Saturday, May 19, 2007

Take Your Medicine!

____ take your medicine!

About medicines, doctors and such; man has created nothing, we just use what God has given us. --that is, our brains! And a nature to explore and be creative, with the basic elements that God has lovingly provided us. i.e.: the uniquely creative method that you have come up with for yourself, so as not to have to take medicines prescribed by doctors.

God has created man separate from the animals. What animal would have ever thought of that? Or even needed to?

If you are a 'natural man' by not taking medicines prescribed by doctors; than are you a more natural man by these uniquely creative alternate solutions of yours, that you so proudly describe here in such vivid detail, probably more than most of us would like to know? Check your concordance, if you have forgotten what Jesus said about "natural man."

What your message tells me; is that, a man left solely to his own devices, may be foolish, shouldering a great handicap, unnecessarily. We really do need one another; whether we like it or not. Of course, if you really prefer to go through all of that, in order to drive the bus at work, than to each his own, and God bless!

Common sense shows us that; alone, we have only one short lifetime on this earth to amount to anything, or to make any progress, and that alone we are at best redundant, and actually accomplish very little at all by ourselves, and than all of that will die and be forgotten forever. And people coming along next would have to start all over again from scratch, waiting on evolution, to change us back into monkeys or something, or whatever.

Instead, we grow and benefit greatly from all of God's people who have gone before, building on one another knowledge and accomplishments, even failures, and all of history and science itself, like the mechanics of a fine watch, many cogs in the wheel, ticking along in harmony together in conjunction for lasting good, hopefully toward our way together in Heaven, following the light, to a new earth eternal, with all the little children who follow. Important cogs. King's kids, made in the likeness of the parent. Unless we choose otherwise; that is, a ticking time bomb, with a very short fuse, in the 21st century. The time is near. Keep a watchful eye out. It is not a time to be caught sleeping. Many will stumble, be lost or fall away, in the darkness. That is; they who cannot see the light for the night of day.

Thank God, there are those others who have devoted their lives to research and medicine; and whatever else, because we personally each have a different task to perform in this life, in the body of Christ, in order for us to be able to work, as we have been intended. We all perform in different ways, and each of us were created uniquely, so that in working together we are able to accomplish our mission or task. When a person falls weak, than there are stronger links to help him up, and keep we of the body moving along. Without individual members or parts, or cogs; how can a body be a body? How could a watch be a watch, or tell the time of days? How could even a doctor be a doctor? We must, in love, look out for one another in order to help save ourselves, and loved ones, by grace through faith in Jesus our Christ, son of God, son of man.

We follow Christ, because we are no longer 'natural', but of God's chosen. We drink living water; that is, His blood on the cross, and we eat of His body, the Word of God incarnate, our Saviour, Son, Lamb of God. No longer 'natural', we are a new man born out of baptism into Christ, arisen a new and eternal life, born again! Now, we are of the Spirit. We follow Jesus to the cross, in Spirit and in truth and rise up to meet Him in the sky.

Take away hydrogen or oxygen, and 'natural' man is thirsty, with no water. Jesus offers living water, so that man may rise above the 'natural'. Take away Father, Son, or Holy Spirit --truth or love, or justice-- how can there be even God Himself? God is truth and love. We are one. His nature never changes. Today, yesterday, and forever. He is the I am! All things were made by Him, and without Him, nothing was made.

Even Jesus never claimed to stand alone. He is of the Father, as He prays for us to be one with Him also. Be it husband and wife, children and parents, Jesus and His church. Alone we fall; united we stand.

I say: "_______, take your medicine"!

Don Cole

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