Thursday, May 31, 2007

A War On In Heavenly Places.

Satan doesn't bother messing with some of those mega churches, or strange churches far off in left fields somewhere; --because he has them right where he wants them! ( You can fill in between the lines. )

Rather, the anti-Christ pounces on those who can make a difference in this world. Yes; there is a war going on in heavenly places, and Satan knows who his enemies are.

The more effective we become delivering the good news of Christ, the harder the evil one will fight to subdue. Just look at the tribulations of Jesus Christ on earth, and to Job, and to the apostles. It is no different today. That is why Jesus said to follow Him, is to carry our cross daily. He told us what to expect, and how and why to fight the good fight. His is not the kingdom of this world.

In order for there to be love; there must be a way to be able to express it. We have to be able to choose not to love. What makes anything anything, is its relativity to something else. So, there has to be something else.

On Earth, this world of ours is huge. But, from the moon, an astronaut was able to cover the whole earth with just his thumb! All is relative, as is our conception of time, and space, and of what knowledge we have in our own environment. How much does an ant know about the universe we know? What do dogs know about color, if their whole world is seen in black and white? How do we compare to blood hounds with our limited noses? How come we can only see the wave lengths from 400 to 700 millimicrons with our human eyes? Yet, we think we are so smart, trying to equate ourselves to God Himself and all creation. All is vanity. We have created nothing. What we do is discover and learn to use in creative ways what God has already created. All of nature is God's handiwork, and we grow and learn by exploring it. How do birds fly? How do bats find their way around with their eyes covered? How do caterpillars turn into butterflies?
Who could ever be against what Christ taught us, such as in the sermon on the mount? Is there not all the logic and wisdom therein, the reason and love? Isn't that what everyone wants? (Most of us look for love and happiness in the wrong things, persons, or places.) Is not His Word the best self-help book ever taught or written? Who has ever found a better way, withstanding the test of time? Where did all the scientific knowledge come from, that we find written in the Bible, so far ahead of its time? Where are all the errors, that we would expect to find in books written by men?

Is Jesus Christ not honestly the true breath of life? --the living word, God's son, both son of God, and son of man? Didn't Jesus know what He was talking about? Was Jesus a liar and a deceiver? Is Jesus the manifestation of evil? Or is He the manifestation of good? Jesus is the power, and the glory, and our very salvation. He is our solutions, our answers to it all, --our joy in, and to the world! We can trust in Him, over ourselves, or anyone or anything else. He carries our burdens when we are heavy laden. He provides us hope and understanding. He is with us everywhere. God is our strength.

Is not Jesus, the Light, clear as day? Does He not shine in the darkness, exposing
the evils hidden there? Does He not light up our lives, and provide us with the love of God? Did He not make us in His own image? If we evolved from goo to us, by way of the zoo, than where did the goo come from, and who or what gave us life? When we go back in time to the Big Bang! --What is it that banged, and where did it come from? If we take all the elements of the universe and heavens and jumble them around in a big bag forever; how could they ever turn into all that we have, are, and know, without any superior design or intelligence of any kind? What does "science" say about that? Modern science proves to us, that there was a beginning; and if there was a beginning, than what or who was the source?

Christians awake! We are the salt of the earth. We have the Light, --not to be hid under a bushel basket! Christian soldiers, sing and be happy, donning the armor of Christ, standing firm and strong and marching onward.

...for the love of God and all mankind! Peace and love, on earth as it is in Heaven! ... And in heavenly mansions forevermore! Glory be to Jesus in the highest!


Don Cole

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