Saturday, September 15, 2007

Truth and Prophesy

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Sat Sep 15, 2007 10:18 am

I totally agree with Peter Zapf about this issue.

This is not about hate or disrespect for people, nor is it about racism.

This is about love for people, about truth. This is about a war going on in heavenly places, between good and evil.

The Koran is not of God. The Koran fails to stand up to the tests of truth and prophesy. Revelations that are truly from God are never wrong. As one would expect from the writings of men; the Koran is typical:

Here; is but a small sampling of the many scientific inaccuracies of the Koran:

The Women 4:23 (Al-Nisa) “Nursing passes on genetic traits from mother to child.” However, the factual truth is that no genetic traits are transmitted by nursing.

Al-Nahl 16:69 (Sura of the Bee) “Honey comes out of a bee’s abdomen and heals men.” The factual truth is honey is not produced in a bee’s abdomen.

The Women 4:23 (Al-Nisa), The Heights 7:172 (Al-Araf) “Semen comes from the back or kidney area, not from the testicles.” The fact is that semen comes from the testicles.

The Prophets 21:31, The Bee 16:15, Lugman 31:10, The News 78:6-8, The Overwhelming 88:17, 19 “God threw down mountains like tent pegs to keep the earth from shaking.” The factual truth is mountains do not keep the earth from shaking and are not in any way like tent pegs.

Al-Anam 6:38 (Sura of the Cattle) “All animals and all things that fly form communities like man.” The fact is that many forms of life do not live in communities. The Ant 27:15-44 (Al-Naml) “Solomon talked with ants, birds, and giants” (not presented as a miracle or a fable.) The factual truth is that this kind of communication does not happen.

Compare this to the truths of the Bible; well beyond the wisdom and knowledge of the people of the day.

Donald Cole

Friday, September 14, 2007

An Abomination

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Followers of the Koran bowing down, five times a day, with their butts in the air to my Lord Jesus Christ is an abomination.

Don Cole

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reply to: It's the Bible that glorifies violence

Posted:, Opinion, Wed Sep 12, 2007 9:56 am Post subject: Reply to: It's the Bible that glorifies violence.

I beg your pardon. Jesus Christ, God Himself in His love, came into this world to put down hate and violence; to suffer the justice upon Himself at the cross that we might all be saved from our sins, by grace through faith in Him.

Only God could do it. Jesus came in the name of love, not violence. Jesus shows us the way. The way is to love God and one another; the way of truth and true salvation and life eternal in the sight of God, --not a bed of virgins for suicide bombers, lusting in self and the flesh.

The Bible shows us the sinfulness and corruption of men; truth, justice and the consequences of sin. The Old Testament, for our learning, leads us into the New Testament, a new covenant for mankind, sealed by God Himself by the blood of Jesus on the Cross. Jesus Christ Himself; --both Son of man, and Son of God.

What is the history and where is the authorization of the Koran? Why does it contain man-made errors, if it is truly the revelation of the one true God? And where does it lead? If I can take the whole Bible; why cannot we take the whole Koran? Does God lead us with contradictory commands, to be taken cafeteria style, so that we can make up our own religion and reality and morals?

Hope without truth, is no hope at all. There is a war going on in heavenly places. There is no other name on earth, that one can be saved, than through the name of Jesus Christ, God Himself. We can recognize the true disciples of God by their fruit. Bad fruit does not grow on good trees. Think about it. Who is your God? And why? Where is the authority? Where is the history? Where is the fruit of your faith? Is it of God; or is it of men?

God bless and save us all from ouselves.

Donald Cole

Global Heart Warming

Posted:, Forums, Opinion, Wed Sep 12, 2007 1:06 am Post subject: Tone down the rhetoric; Let's keep Mosque debate in focus

This is about life and death!

Yet, the sad situation is that not many people in this country are very serious about truth, their ‘faith, or even their own religion.’

This is the blind and apathetic, busy generation in our new America that has a mind set that says, “Teach only evolution in the schools, and limit all evidences of God, creationism and intelligent design to the churches.” “Keep God out of the schools! “ Keep God out of our government. ““Keep God away from our children!” “Keep God out of everything we can! “ Truth, has been reduced to non-concern., and replaced with tolerance for what-ever goes, and every religion, or any way of life.

When do we ever talk about truth? It seems like people prefer to kill one another, than to sit down peacefully, and discuss and debate what and where is the truth? Who has it? Which religions stand up to scrutiny; and which do not? What is the history? Where are the evidences? What are the fruits? Who and where is the authority? What is valid, and what is not? How many truths can there be?

However; Muslims are very serious about their religion.

And, so was Adolph Hitler, in his beliefs about evolution, and the survival of the fittest, --theorized by Charles Darwin, --the only thing allowed to be taught in our schools as truth, --regardless of what is scientifically proven or not proven.

We are taught far beyond known truth, far fetched theories about evolution not backed up by any science, and not to be questioned. Nor do we care about one religion from the next; even if their ‘Holy’ book sets them out to kill us. After all; we wouldn’t want to be accused of being a bigot!

Later, we blame and cry to God for our woes and tribulations; but, the truth is --that we do reap what we sow.

The outcome of our apathy and the lies we harbor, is deception and destruction. Love, or the enemy of love. Roots in a solid foundation that stand tall and strong as the mighty oak tree, or loose and unattended brush to be blown away in the sand?

How can we expect God to care about us; when we do not even care about ourselves, or each other? God is love. God is truth; God’s truth. We really ought to pay more attention, for the love and survival of our children, and all of mankind.

That is; what we need, is a good dose of global heart-warming.

Don Cole

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can You Hear the 9/11 Victims?

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Yes; I can “Hear what the victims would ‘say.” And they are not beckoning for us to be quiet, and go back to sleep.

Yes; I can hear: “We died together horribly, quickly, unexpectedly, unfairly, but had time to see some truths.”

No; I do not hear: “Abandoning goodness, love and integrity for righteousness, retribution and prejudice mocks our sacrifice.”

One doesn’t abandon goodness, love and integrity, in the name of righteousness, --’righteousness,’ is all those things! Retribution and prejudice is not righteousness.

In their absolute found truth; here are the kind of things that I do clearly hear those 9/11 victims crying out:

“Love God and one another.”

“Do not repay evil with evil.”

“ Love your enemies.”

“Jesus Christ has all authority in heaven and on earth. Listen to Him!”

“There is a war going on in heavenly places.”

“Go and make disciples of all nations.“

“Baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that Jesus Christ has commanded you.”

“And surely, He will be with you always, to the very end of the world.”

Donald Cole

Friday, September 7, 2007

Law Suits, --Unearned Millions!

Posted:, Forums, News, Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:28 pm Post subject: Easy Millions.

Of course! Everyone should get 10 million dollars, for any mistake or injustice; --slipping on a grocery store floor, spilling hot coffee on oneself; or whatever.

Doesn't anyone care where this money ultimately comes from?

For everyone lavishing in unearned money; there are people on the other end of the scale who are deprived. Although the government goes about printing more money, so everyone can have more, it becomes worth less and less.

We are all paying for it. Juries should be a bit more cautious how they throw around public money. It really doesn't grow on trees. Somebody, people down the line, are paying for it. We are all paying for it.

Think about it...

Don Cole

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Muslim Americans (2)

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I look at who and what the faithful believe and follow.

The Koran is the Holy book of Muslims, and Muslims heed the teachings of their prophet Mohmmad. Read the Koran. That is what they believe; and that is what they teach their children.

Do you think that this has nothing to do with us?

It has everything to do with us.

Don Cole

Muslim Americans?

Posted: ,Forums, News Thu Sep 06, 2007 1:15 pm Post subject: Muslim Americans?

Muslim Americans? I don’t get it. I must be missing something here. How can anyone be both an American and a Muslim too? Are they not in direct contradiction to one another? What am I missing here?

I am equally awestruck, by the August, 2007 issue of the magazine, “Christianity Today,” originally founded by Billy Graham. Under the feature, on page 15, entitled, “Quotation Marks,” wherein is found the following quotation:

I am both Muslim and Christian, just like I’m both an American of African descent and a woman. I’m 100 percent both.” Ann Holmes Redding, an Episcopal priest in the Olympia diocese. Bishop Vincent Warner says he ‘finds the interfaith possibilities exciting.’”

The only way we are going to solve the problems, is for the people of this world to start looking for, recognizing, and appreciating the value and need for truth. That is TRUTH, --T-R-U-T-H!

“Christianity” that has not, nor does not heed the words of, and follow Jesus Christ, -- is not Christianity. Likewise; those who do not follow the teachings of the Koran, and their prophet Mohammad, are not Muslims.

Don Cole

Monday, September 3, 2007

Let's Debate: Does God Exist?

Posted: , Forums, Opinion; Mon Sep 03, 2007 9:31 pm Post subject: Let's Debate: Does God Exist?

Let's Debate: Does God Exist?

Don Cole

I Was There!

Posted: , Forums, Life, Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:38 pm Post subject: I Was There!

Ref: “Veteran NBC reporter’s book recalls 50 years of space flight”

Veteran NBC space correspondent Jay Barbree’s memoir, ‘Live from Cape Canaveral,’ is being released over the Labor Day weekend by Smithsonian Books.

‘”There are an awful lot of guys…who were here for the early days and they’re no longer here,’ Barbree, 73, said recently at the Kennedy Space Center…’ “

I was a photographer for NASA, at Cape Canaveral, during those early years.

Of the three tragedies, the Apollo spacecraft fire in 1967 hit him hardest…”

That was my area, LC-34. I was the only photographer specifically stationed there, with a desk inside the block house. I was assigned to stay overtime that late afternoon, to provide motion picture coverage of the astronauts and the test going on, Apollo 1, Jan 27, 1967. As I was about to gather up my camera and equipment; I was told, at the last minute, to ’forget about staying overtime, because they couldn’t get any light up there.’ So, I left the space center proceeding to drive home, but first I stopped at a local bowling alley, in Cocoa Beach. It was there I heard the announcement that the command module had blown up inside, killing all three astronauts, Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee.

Later, on July 16,1969; as Spacecraft Photographer, NASA had me taking pictures inside the command module of Apollo 11, just moments before the astronauts boarded, and blasted off toward making the 1st lunar landing.

Donald Cole
Dover, NJ