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The Word 'commands us to do miracles' ?

The Word 'commands us to do miracles' ?
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Whoa!..."The Word commands us to continue to do miracles."?
Ref: Blog post: 'Share your story, by MiraclesUSA'

This is a misunderstanding of Mark 16:17-18.
These miraculous gifts in Biblical times were temporary, and came through the laying on of the apostles' hands. Those who received such gifts of the Spirit from an apostle, could not pass the gift on to a third person. A thorough Bible study will bear this out. Also, one needs to consider what the purpose of these miracles were for. Miracles confirmed the authority of who the apostles were, the gospel, and their mission. It is the same reason that Jesus himself performed miracles. "These are written that ye may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God..." (John 20:31).

In 1910 George Went Hensley introduced snake handling to churches throughout the Appalachian region, after reading Mark 16:18. I understand that many preachers have died since, due to the same misunderstanding of this text. --dc

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